LGBTQ+ Community & Professional Resources

Community Resources

Many of us may need help and support from the LGBTQ+ community in order to continue living our drug-free story. Here are some local resources available.

  • Events and Volunteer Opportunities

  • Lesbian, Bisexual and Queer Women

  • Gay and Bisexual Men

  • Transgender and Gender-diverse Persons

  • LGBTQ+ Youth

  • Mental Health

  • Sexual Health

  • Recovering Drug Users

  • LGBTQ+ Media

Events and Volunteer Opportunities

The following LGBTQ+ organisations offer volunteer opportunities, as well as organise community events:

Pelangi Pride Centre  LGBTQ community space, resource centre and library run entirely by volunteers. 'Pelangi' is the Malay word for rainbow, and was started in 2003 by a group of friends. 

Pink Dot SG   Non-profit movement started in 2009 by a group of individuals who care deeply about the place that LGBTQ Singaporeans call home. It is a group for everyone, straight and gay, who support the belief that everyone deserves the freedom to love.

IndigNation The LGBTQ Pride season in Singapore, reaffirming our participation in the intellectual and cultural life of this country, reminding all that we are as much a part of Singapore as anyone else. The first season was in 2005. 

Community Resources for Lesbian, Bisexual and Queer Women

The following local community resources are LBQ women-led, LBQ-affirming or LBQ-friendly: 

Women's Nite   Monthly potluck for queer and questioning women.

Project X  Community-based organisation working to advocate the rights of sex workers of all gender identities and sexual orientations. 

She Plus Pride  Support group that organises events and meet-ups, to chill and discuss politics and the state of the world.

Sayoni  Feminist, volunteer-run organisation that works to uphold human rights protections for queer women, including lesbian, bisexual and transgender women. 

Brave Spaces  Non-profit organisation that develops programmes, provides social services, organises events, and conducts research and advocacy to empower women.

AWARE: Association of Women for Action and Research  Singapore's leading non-profit organisation advocating for gender equality.

Sexual Assault Care Centre  Provides safe, free and confidential services for people who have faced sexual assault and/or sexual harassment.

Community Resources for Gay and Bisexual Men

The following local community resources are for gay, bisexual, queer and questioning (GBQ+) men:   Programme under Action for AIDS (AFA) where young GBQ+ men can connect, access sexual health services, and build a support network.

MOVE Community   LGBT-friendly social & community club in Singapore formed in 2013. 

SG Rainbow   Non-profit community social movement and organisation for gay, bisexual and queer men aged 18 to 35 years old. Includes Jejaka, youth support group Malay, Muslim & Malay-Muslim men.

Singapore Men's Chorus  Formed  in 2005 to provide an avenue for those interested in male chorale and present another form of choral music for the public to enjoy.

The Bear Project  Local gay community group where size matters, with events aiming to create a friendly environment where bears, cubs, “G-men” and other stocky and big-sized men – as well as the guys who love them – can hang out, exchange ideas and mingle.

The Purple Alliance   Group of Singaporeans committed to supporting LGBTQ+ individuals. 

Community Resources for Transgender and Gender-diverse Persons 

The following local community resources are trans-led or trans-affirming:  Website by trans people providing a useful local resource for trans people.

The T Project  Dedicated shelter for the homeless transgender community, it aims to support and provide a positive impact on transgender persons, enabling them to lead more dignified and fulfilling lives.

The Kopitiam Brothers   Activist group created by transmen for transmen, that aims to raise awareness of minority transmen and provide a supportive and safe space for transmen through regular meetings.

Trans* It    Trans-led peer group to support trans* identified individuals in their lives.

Transman Resource SGBreak the Binary   Privately-supported informative resource with focus on enhancing the lives of trans men (FTM) in Singapore.

SG Butterfly    Singapore's first transgender community portal, run as a forum.

Project X  Community-based organisation working to advocate the rights of sex workers of all gender identities and sexual orientations. 

Resources for LGBTQ+ Youth

The following local community resources are youth-led and LGBTQ-affirming: 

Young Out Here   Youth support group programme providing a safe and inclusive space for LGBTQ youths, to build social support between its participants by sharing of experiences and opinions.

Inter-University LGBT Network   Network for organisations in Singapore universities to collaborate in fostering safer and more inclusive school communities for everyone regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity and expression. 

Professional Resources for Mental Health

In addition to Oogachaga, we have found the following local mental health resources to be LGBTQ-friendly in their approach:

Community Health Assessment Team (CHAT) Promoting youth mental health in Singapore

Samaritans of Singapore (SOS)  24hr suicide prevention service supporting those in emotional distress, feeling suicidal or affected by suicide

Counselling and Care Centre (CCC)  Professional, non-governmental, non-profit centre providing counselling and psychological services

Professional Resources for Sexual Health

We have found the following local sexual health resources to be LGBTQ-friendly in their services:

Action for AIDS (AFA)  Non-profit, non-governmental organisation dedicated to fighting AIDS/ HIV infection in Singapore.

DSC Clinic  Specialist outpatient clinic for the diagnosis, treatment and control of STIs in Singapore. The public website includes a section on LGBT sexual health. 

Dr Tan & Partners  Private medical practice that also provides anonymous HIV testing, as well as screening and treatment of STIs . 

Resources for Recovering Drug Users

Lifeline   Peer-led support group for gay and bisexual men in recovery from drug addiction.

WeCare Community Services   The first non-denominational outpatient addiction treatment centre in Singapore, offering counselling and programmes for all forms of addictions including drug, alcohol, gambling, sex, eating disorder, internet and shop-lifting. 

Narcotics Anonymous (NA)  Non-profit fellowship or society of men and women for whom drugs had become a major problem.

The Cabin Singapore   Specialist addiction treatment centre focusing on substance addictions, such as alcohol and drugs, as well as process addictions like gambling, sex and compulsive use of the internet.

LGBTQ+ Media 

Dear Straight People   Online LGBTQ publication that provides followers with a mix of positive content that is informative, inspiring and engaging.

Queercast   Podcast dedicated to informing, entertaining & empowering the local LGBTQ+ community.