We have become acutely aware of the role played by recreational and addictive drugs in our community, and we are deeply concerned. We feel it is time for us to rewrite our queer narrative.

Oogachaga, in collaboration with SG Narratives, jointly present Singapore’s first-ever community-led drug prevention campaign, 'Our Story is Drug Free', for the local LGBTQ+ community.

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The Situation

We are very concerned that recreational and addictive drug use has entered Singapore’s LGBTQ+ community. Although we lack detailed local statistics, international trends from cities like Bangkok, Hong Kong, Taipei, Sydney, London and New York point to worrying developments. 
We know the impact these drugs can have on the health of individuals, families and our community. We are also worried about the ease at which such drugs can be procured by our community. Click here to find out more about commonly abused drugs and inhalantsintoxicating substances, as well as current anti-drug legislation in Singapore. And read a real-llife account of what it's like to be a meth user.

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Our Approach

Our Story Is Drug Free turns the focus on understanding and acknowledging that Singapore’s LGBTQ narrative is so much more than that of drug abuse. We draw inspiration from the community. Our narrative includes stories of Identity, Family, Relationships, Love, and Equality. It is not just told by gay men, it also includes queer women, transgender persons, as well as our allies who stand with us.