Q&A: How can LGBTQs stay drug-free?
(with Oogachaga)

Prout. June 2018.

Drug usage has been a big topic in the LGBTQ+ community over the last few years, with some high-profile arrests in Singapore's community.

Prout speak to Leow Yangfa from Oogachaga about the organisation's Our Story Is Drug Free campaign and how the organisation has provided counselling help to LGBTQ+ for the last 19 years. #OurStoryIs #QurrentLive

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The aim for the Our Story is Drug-Free campaign is not one that looks to berate, condescend or lecture. On the contrary—it hopes to do a couple of things: change the narrative that the LGBTI community and the usage of drugs are synonymous, and in the bigger scheme of things, reach out to those silently suffering from their addiction. 


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Singapore’s LGBTI community has a drug problem and it’s time to fix it

True Digital Team. May 2018. 

In order to reach LGBTI communities Oogachaga teamed up with SG Narratives. They’ve come up with a video campaign about drugs, which has been a year in the making.

Four official storytellers talk about the seriousness of drug use and how to ‘prevent it from becoming a health crisis’.

The video campaign called, Our Story is Drug Free, is unique not only in its approach but the people it has chosen to give voices to.

‘You will notice the absence of the gay, cisgender Chinese (majority race) male, who has been the “dominant” voice in the local LGBT community for a long time,’ Yangfa said.

The video series wants people to understand ‘that Singapore’s LGBTQ+ narrative is so much more than that of drug abuse’.

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